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Marquise Comparison: Si1 J 0.76 V Si2 G 0.75


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Hello all.  I am looking for a little advice.  I have to choose between two diamonds for my engagement ring.  The setting will be platinum.


Diamond 1 (left of photograph) is:



0.76 carat

Stone size 9.38 x 4.88 x 2.52mm


Diamond 2 is:


0.75 carat

Stone size 8.42 x 4.70 x 3.09mm


Price is pretty much the same for either.  Opinions please!





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Certificate for diamond 1 shows one line inclusion near to the right hand side of the table. There are two small inclusions on the underside near to the left hand side. 

Certificate for diamond 2 shows two round inclusions in table and two smaller ones on the bottom left of diamond face. There are also smaller inclusions on underside (6 of these).

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Sorry, but there is not enough information (and frankly, with two marquises, the only "enough information" you'll ever have is by seeing them side by side, or at the very least having several decent photos taken, and maybe some video in different lighting).


Be careful as to who is grading the stone for colour and clarity; not all labs are equally consistent and applying the same standards.

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Both stones are beautiful.  Decide if you like long and thin or a little stubby ... but they're both within acceptable ranges for that part.


As Davide says, make sure you're comparing stones with the same (consistent) grading.  GIA is the preferred company.  If one is GIA and the other is someone else (like IGI or EGL), you're not getting an even comparison.  If the stones are both EGL, there may still be more differences between them than you think.

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They are both graded by Antwerpse Gemologische Instelling (AGI) and were graded on the same date in the same batch sent from the same diamond dealer. So hopefully they are accurately compared to each other.


Diamond 1 is shallow and diamond 2 is deep. Which is the less bad?


Is colour or clarity more important here?


Thank you so much for your replies.

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A common characteristic of marquis cut stones is the "bowtie", which is black banding from triangular facets through the center of the stone.  It looks like a little bow-tie.  That is because of light loss from misaligned facets.


Look at the animations on jamesallen.com of their marquise offerings.  Some have bowties, some don't.  It seems to happen more with the shallow cuts.  If you find it at all objectionable now, avoid one or both stones with it ... you won't like it better in the future.


For that matter, if you're looking at stones on jamesallen, select some of the high-priced ones and study the animations.  That is how your stone "should" sparkle.


Incidentally, AGI is not one of the higher-rated grading entities.  It's not the same as GIA or AGS, two premium companies.  If you've seen some reference in threads here to EGL, then AGI is like that, only not as good.  Only consider buying the stone if it checks out in every other way for you, and don't let price be your main guide.  If you look at GIA-graded stones online, you'll get a better sense of what good ones should cost ... but it'll be more than you've been quoted, probably.

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