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Marquise 0.76 E Vvs2 Gia


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The diamond itself is easy enough using the diamond shopper link above.  UK has some taxes to consider and rents and such are pretty nuts there so the street prices tend to be a bit high, especially if we're talking about Hatton Garden.  You can decide what sort of modifier to apply to account for that.  The ring itself is more difficult to price.  Different craftsmen charge different rates for their work.  The cheapest is rarely the best.  'Platinum settiing' can run the gambit from $500 to $5000 without much trouble along with a few hundred to set, size and so on.  You haven't provided much to go on. 

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Neil's right.  There's only one .76 loose stone in E - VVS2 available here (or on pricescope -- same exact stone).  The different prices you see are because it's offered by two different vendors, but both translate to about £1550.


Problems -- what's online available here is a very "Standard American" cut.  You haven't shown the provenance of what you were looking at.  You may have found a superior cut stone in London.  You haven't included an estimate for the cost of the platinum setting.  And perhaps there's also the issue of a V.A.T. to be dealt with in London, plus overhead factors.

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