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I Did It!!!!!!!!!!! My First Dbl Purchase *swoons*


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Soooo I have been plaguing a lovely gentleman on this forum for an eternity!


We've discussed yellows, pink lemonade rings, big 3 carat YZ diamonds, hearts, cushions! Every month or so I'd bombard him with some latest scheme/infatuation I had with something DBL was stocking!


Then one day, checking the DBL website as I do each day, I saw it!




I went berserk! I was madly madly madly in love! Not even my most coveted heart pink lemonade ring could compare to this! And strangely enough it was in my budget! I was kind of shocked to see the price! But I was on a "No buy" policy this year! Hubby and I agreed that I am to completely renovate the back of the house before I get to buy anything else!


Feeling rather disheartened (back of the house renovations have not taken off and frankly I am too afraid to commence the job! It is insane and the logistics of dealing with workers and a toddler and two dogs scare me!) I showed hubby the ring! He loved it! Told me I had to buy it if this was indeed the one yellow for me! 


I felt terribly bad so managed to organise some workers in to rebuild the front porch and a new letterbox for Hubby! So now the front of the house is at least done and I feel less guilty!  :P


So I bought it! It is to be shipped soon! I cannot wait! I am sooooo nervous about shipping etc (I am the kind of person who likes to examine even cheap things thoroughly in the shops and pick and pick before I buy them) but I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will update this thread once my beauty arrives!  :wub:


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Absolutely stunning piece of jewelry.


This is why it's so dangerous to go in diamondsbylauren.com -- even the website is dangerous!


PS -- the medium blue fluorescence of the center stone creates an entirely differerent effect in outside light.  It's like having a second ring!

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