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Help! I Think They Switched A Couple Diamonds Out Of My Wedding Band....


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The picture of the left is my ring now and the right was before I had it sized. On my wedding bands now two diamonds look almost black and out of place, you can only see one in the pictures. Can you see the dark one near the middle? Before I took it to get sized it did NOT look that way, trust me I was staring at it for a week before it got sized and never saw any darkness!! My fiancé purchased it from Daniels jewelers so do they have records of it and proof that its changed (aside from my pictures). Or is it just my word against theirs. Also my fiancé said the bands look crooked now. Since it was sized smaller shouldn't they just have taken off a little and my ring be even? My fiancé and I are very upset and don't know what to do. He wants to return the rings and go else where but I would like to keep the ring he proposed to me with(sentimental value obviously) Help!! I have no clue what to do :/

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I don't know if what I am seeing is what you are talking of (and photos are never conclusive in that respect), but:


1. There is no point in switching diamonds of that size. They are worth a few dollars each when they are of the highest possible quality.


2. The most likely culprit of the darkness is that there is a piece of dirt left under the stone by the jeweller while resizing the ring.


3. Resizing a pavé ring like that is always fraught with dangers; the main one is that the stones move or pop out when the shank is pushed back to round after cutting, so it's possible that the whole damage comes from a poorly done sizing.


As to what to do, first of all get back to Daniels and point out the problems - 99% they have been caused by them sizing, so see what they propose.

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You had it sized at the same store where you bought it, right?


I agree with Davide, go back to the store.  It's highly unlikely that anything has been switched and that they just did a crappy job on the cleaning.  Poor workmanship is hardly an excuse, but it's usually easy enough to fix.  

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