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So i recently got an engagement ring. The central diamons specificatuons are


Measurement: 5.02-4.97 x 3.10 MM

Wigh central stone: 0.47 carats



Cut: ideal

Finish: polish symmetry:Excelent



I am worried about the clarity. Its one of the lower grades. I am afraid this only fact means my ring is ugly or poor very low ranked. What do you think, i screwed up? The ring has a halo and side diamonds for a total of 1 carat. What do you think?

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When you say the diamond cut is 'ideal', is that what the grading report says or the retailer you purchased the diamond from?

Can you see any inclusions with the naked eye? If not, then more than likely, most other people won't either.


Does the grading report (if any/provided) map out or say what the inclusions are?


Are you happy with the diamond and the way it presents itself? If you are, that is the main thing that matters.


If the retailer you purchased the ring/diamond from has a good return policy, the other option is to swap the diamond for another. Although you might be out of pocket a bit, your mind would be at ease over the clarity.


It's one thing that a diamond presents itself as 'Eye Clean', but some say, it is also important that a diamond is 'Mind Clean'. To me, in order for you to be 'Mind Clean' you either will need to convince yourself that the diamond is fine based on how you physically see it/presents itself (and not worry based on things you have read online) or exchange it for another diamond that you will be satisfied with.

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The ideal cut aspect is in the certificiate from the GSI. Is a Talkowsky.


I am really satisfied, I like and I think my grilfriend will love it. Just gets all that opinions about clarity on the internet. They say an I1 shoudnt be even bought.

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There is nothing wrong with I1 just because it is I1. Did you "screw up"? It depends on whether you got something that is beautiful, durable and whether you paid a fair price:

1. Beauty: GIA Definition of I1: the diamond contains inclusions that are obvious to 10x inspection. They may affect brilliance and transparency.

Only way of knowing if aesthetics are compromised is by seeing the diamond. You have seen it and you think it's OK. Have you tried showing it to a few friends and asking their honest opinion - without biasing them in any way by telling them about your concerns or that the diamond is graded I1?

2. Durability: I1 inclusions might also be a risk to stone durability/integrity. Again, the only way of knowing whether it is to see the diamond. The fact that it's already set mitigates this risk considerably.

3. Fair price: perhaps irrelevant - in as much as you paid the money and don't seem to be overly concerned with that. You will have paid a premium because of the Tolkowsky brand, and GSI would not be my choice to grade a diamond reliably. A competitively sourced GIA or AGS graded 0.4x F/I1 will cost less than $1000.

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I1 is just fine.  Really.  It's a ROCK.  It's absolutely false to say that fewer inclusions make a stone 'better'.  What it does is make a stone more expensive.  That's why it matters.  Selling I1's and calling them something it's not is a problem, but it's a problem with the dealer, not with the stone. That's why it gets talked about so much but if the seller is properly representing their goods and it matches what YOU like, I have no problem at all.  Congratulations.

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