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Is This A Good Choice Of Diamond, 0.45Ct ?

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Hi all,


Im new here and I bought a loose diamond during sale in my country, southeast asia. After I bought it, I tested on HCA and got a score of 1.7 with excellent light return but only VG for Fire,Scintilation, and Spread. From my eyes it looks beautiful but I now have doubts for its performance and thinking to go back there and choose another diamond. Pls Advise, Tq So much.


0.45 carat

D color


Triple E for Cut/Polish/Symmetry

Fluo: None

Table: 59%

Depth: 61%

Crown Angle: 34.5%

Pav Angle: 40.8%

Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick

Culet: None

Characteristic: Crystal

Price in USD: $1900 (Diamonds are expensive in my country)

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Let me understand this: you bought it, you have seen it, you like it, and now because someone who


1) Has never seen the diamond

2) Set up a software over 10 years ago to provide approximate guidance

3) Has organised the score so that diamonds "below 2" should be considered further

4) Tells you very clearly and repeatedly that his tool is not to be used to select, but only to reject.

5) May well have different aesthetic preferences than yours (and no-one can call his right and yours wrong)


Tells you "something" isn't theoretically super-duper-excellent based on his own taste and a very simplistic model of the diamond, you suddenly feel the diamond isn't something you like anymore?


Go and enjoy your diamond. It's perfectly fine.

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