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Please Help Me Identify This Stone I Have With Me Here


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Hi my dear brothers and sisters, I am Mr Enock and i have with me here a very strange looking stone which  i had from my land as i was contructing a small water channel. In fact, i have no idea about what it is so i want you to help me identify the stone may be some of you might have seen some similar ones before. I have attached the photos for easily identification. If any one wants to reach me you can get to me on (febirienoch@yahoo.com)


Description of the stone

The stone is very hard and has several glass looking crystals embedded in it. Also when you shine light on it, the light becomes more translucent in the crystals.It also has some yellowish and brown looking crystals so please help me to identify whether it is a diamond or not and tell me what to do with it.

Thank You

Sincerely, Enock


Pictures of the stone are attached below





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Hello Enock, and welcome to DiamondReview.


1) Tentative ID of any rock, stone or crystal via photos is difficult and prone to errors; at most you rule things out, but not in. Positive ID is practically impossible.


2) Your best bet, if you want certainty, is to find a qualified gemmologist in your area and ask his/her opinion they will need to examine the stone with the appropriate tools, and take into account your location, the depth at which you have found the piece, etc.


3) FWIW, your rock seems to me to be a piece of quartz, possibly partly opalised; it is almost definitely not a diamond. This said, see point 1.


Good luck, and let us know what you find out!

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