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Help Selecting A Round Stone 1.2-1.25 (Specs Attached)


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I am looking to buy the following diamond.  GIA cert. 1155375207.  I put the info for it into HCA and it comes out 4.9 Good, fair,fair,Very Good, ie doesn't score very well.  Its a 1.24ct,  however the dimensions are 6.84x6.87x4.28  which seem to compare to the size of a few 1.2's I have looked at with high HCA scores. The stone does look eye clean.


1.24,G, SI1, XXX

Depth %=62.5, Table %=58, Crown angle 34.5, Pavilion Angle= 41.4.


The price for the stone is around 9K US, could still negotiate.


The stone does seem to sparkle quite well but its hard to compare when your looking at one in one store and other in another with different light.


Any insight would be appreciated.



Another option I have is GIA 2156277876 6,83-6.86x4.19, 1.20, G, SI1, XXX, depth%=61.1, Table%=59, Crown angle=34, Pavilion angle = 41. It was in another store and really seemed to sparkle a lot.  HCA Excellent, VG, VG,VG 1.8.


This one may not be as negotiable on price and was around 9K.


Any preference to which is a nicer stone or concerns about either?



Thank you,






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You have seen both... however "incomparable" lighting conditions may be, this is the ultimate test (and BTW jewellery lighting is generally pretty consistent; the problem is that it is not "realistic" compared to what happens in most other environments).


Ignore the paper (and above all the HCA - it's seldom relevant, and when you can see the diamonds it is totally irrelevant), go back to the two stores and look at the diamonds in as many lighting environments as you can: under the store spotlights, in the back-office under diffused lighting, in the store window with filtered natural light, in direct and indirect sunlight outside (offer to leave ID and a credit card with the vendor), and then pick the one you like most.


This GIA article on assessing cut may help you understand/classify what you are (or are not) seeing: http://diamondcut.gia.edu/pdf/cut_fall2004.pdf

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