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Does This Aset Look Good?

C Lum Silin

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The lower (or the higher - actually: in the image on the left, the top of the stone is slightly out-of focus) part of the stone is out-of-focus because the depth of field of the lens at the given aperture is not enough to capture the whole stone in focus. Quite normal with macro images and nothing to worry about.


This one is about a gazillion +/-47 times better than the last one, as ASETs go. BTW - note how a minimal amount of tilting changes the ASET? The image on the left is quite different, but the stone is tilted back and to the right compared to the right-side image.


ETA: if you want to post more stones for people to comment on, it probably does help if you leave them all on one thread - comparisons flicking up and down a thread are easier than those where one needs several windows open.

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