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Advice On My Cushion


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Hi guys, my fiance and I are having my engagement ring made we went to a jeweler yesterday here in Australia and were looking at two cushion cut diamonds


1.02ct hrd cert



Ex cut

Perfectly square


.81 Gia cert



Ex cut

Slightly rectangular


The .81 will be $1000 less than the 1.02


Would really appreciate the help. I will be havine a pave band and centre stone surrounded by a halo. Will most likely be keeping the ring forever rather than ever upgrading

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Sorry, but you are asking for help that is impossible to give without seeing the diamonds. For the "why?" see here:





If you can see the diamonds, then go with the one you like most - however, I would also invite you to consider that there are hundreds more diamonds "like those" out there, and they may very well be more beautiful. From the description of the setting you'd like, pretty much any dealer - online or brick-and-mortar - will be able to help you find something that fits the bill.

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You seem to be struggling with a weight vs. color tradeooff.

E => H is considerable.  

0.81 => 1.02 is considerable.

I'm not sure what to advise.  It's like trying to pick a car without first deciding if you'ld rather have a truck.  


A few important questions:  


Who called the cuts 'ex' and what do they mean by that?


Have you seen the stones in person and side-by-side?  Assuming so, did you have a preference? Why?  In particular, what are your thoughts on the square/rectangular subject?  Could you see any difference in the way they handled light?


Will the mounting you've chosen equally accommodate either one?  Size and shape will both have an affect here and a stone that doesn't fit the halo does NOT look as good as one that does.    


Can you see the difference in the color?  Do you care?


Is 1.00+ important to you and/or her?

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