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4 Different Earrings: Starting (This One's A Keeper!)


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As soon as I saw it, I said -- YUP! 




Then I found the old bug light down in the basement.  YUP!




If you look at it as a traditional diamond, it's all wrong.  Really doesn't have much sparkle.  But it's wide, and looks great as an earring!


(Tomorrow morning, the marquise stone arrives.)






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Good. You see - rules are made to be broken.


Now, careful with that waste disposal unit.


Sorry to report that stone #2, the Marquis, is being returned.


A little too thin ... looking like a clipped fingernail, and devoid of any semblance of sparkle.  The worst part was when I put the loupe up to my eye and was reminded why I didn't major as a gastroenterologist.  Those inclusions were the clincher; I didn't expect you'd get quite so much on an SI1.  But at least 60% of the stone looked OK. :(


Still hoping to find a marquise, but we're now almost at the point on the calendar where the better part of the industry shuts down for a week -- 15th to the 22nd, I'm told.

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