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First Time Buyer - Thoughts On A Round Stone


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I'm looking to propose to my girlfriend and have been shopping around for the last few weeks.

I'm in the market for a round cut, G-H color, between VS1 and SI1 in the 1.35-1.45 carat range, and it has to be xxx and GIA certified.  Trying to stay below $10k but definitely willing to come up for quality.

I've been shopping around the diamond district (both upstairs and downstairs) and a jeweler managed to find this stone and is holding it for me, quoted at $9,950:


Carat: 1.40

Color: H

Clarity: SI1


GIA: 2166639343



The stone is definitely eye-clean (I saw it myself), and even under a loupe nothing really stood out.  I'm wondering two things here:

1 - it is difficult for me to distinguish what the inclusions running across the table are on the GIA cert diagram.  Are they feathers/clouds/crystals?  Something I should be concerned about?

2 - is this a fair price for the stone?


Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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1) Whatever they are, if you can't see them they are OK. It's a bit of a strange report... the key to characteristics lists needles, but then the plot has the symbol that normally GIA uses for clouds instead, and a comment about "additional clouds not shown". Shurely shome mishtake, GIA? (if you can't see them, it's quite likely they are clouds - they can be quite diffused, and if they don't affect the transparency of the stone, it's a pretty good inclusion to have in an SI-type stone)


2) It's a reasonable price, given you are seeing it in a "real" shop rather than buying online. Bear in mind that there are two main factors affecting prices once you take the "grade" out of the way (GIA H/SI1/XXX 1.35-1.45): cut quality, which is still quite variable among GIA "excellents", and visibility of inclusions, which is the big unknown when shopping online.



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