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4 Different Earrings: Toeing The Marq {Or: Part Deux }


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Still waiting for the trilliant ordered 3 days ago ... Imagine that! :)


Our next selection was due to be the marquise, and this one particular stone has been kicking around for a while on various sites: brilliance.com, jamesallen.com, and as posted, listed here from Union Diamond (which happened to be cheapest by $100-200 at $2356).




The James Allen animation showed a strong bowtie, and I didn't mind that, but the fluorescence was listed only as "medium".  I think if we're going to have FL, we want it bold, instead of looking mismatched (versus our trilliant's Strong Blue).  So the other way to go was no fluorescence at all.  This morning I ordered:




This has extreme [2.29:1] shape still,  keeps the color G, and the price, $1888, gives my overall budget some breathing room.  The $468 price difference gives a better make, too, at a net visual "cost" of 3/10s of a millimeter length.


BTW, the bowtie projected with this smaller marquis should be less because of the depth.


I suspect platinum v-tip settings are going to wind up costing >$250 each, because for this marquis, we want 2 v-cups and a backing basket (not six prongs), and the trilliant needs 3 v's (all at the tips).  These odd shapes of stone usually go on rings instead of earrings, so there's this downside of trying to go off the grid a little -- metalwork could be a (small) issue.


Coming up: princess vs emerald, asscher, or any random 4-sided (radiant, cushion, etc.) stone.  I really think this is going to have to be the trip in to NYC, because there's too many choices that can't be ruled out until we see the stones.


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