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Hello All,


This is my first post and I'm new to diamond purchasing.  I am looking for a 2CT round HA diamond for my hopeful future wife.  I have been shopping around and I have a budget in mind.  With that said, I found Abazias.com and was able to find a diamond in their inventory that I'm very interested in. 


What are people's experience with Abazias?  I'm asking because I have called several times, each time the line is "busy".  Additionally, I've sent them several emails through their webpage and have not received any reply.  Are these people still in business?


My initial reaction is to turn away from them.  They have a "10 day return policy".  If I'm never able to get a hold of them, that 10 day return policy could be up in the air.  Plus, they state that the diamond has to be in the exact same condition as received, so if that means it comes sealed, if it is taken out to be inspected/appraised by a gemologist, does that void the return?


Lots of questions - no answers...


Thanks for anyone's experiences!

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I can't answer to the "are they good" question. They have been around a few years, and they used to advertise their goods on the Diamond Finder; it seems they no longer do, but whether this has anything to do with their health and reliability as a business I have no idea. They were generally at the lowest price end - which usually tends to mean lowest service too (including return periods and - possibly - number of phone lines!)


10 days is tight, but manageable (if you plan inspection/appraisal in advance) - also, people can be flexible on their return terms particularly if you ask them in advance.


Generally "in the same conditions" refers to absence of damage or wear/tear presence of all original documentation, tags and packaging in reusable condition other than obvious "one off" elements (i.e. outside brown paper or courier envelope). Usually diamonds in the US are not sealed precisely for that reason - people require appraisals/inspection prior to confirming the sale - but if it were the case, yes, the vendor could refuse the return unless you have agreed different with them.


This said, the vast majority of diamonds advertised by online dealers like Abazias are available to many if not all through trade databases. If you can't get hold of Abazias - or their T&C prove too onerous for your liking - I'm pretty sure you can find others that will be more than pleased to help you find the same stone.

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What are people's experience with Abazias?  I'm asking because I have called several times, each time the line is "busy".  Additionally, I've sent them several emails through their webpage and have not received any reply.  Are these people still in business?



I hadn't heard of them before your post, but did a lookup on a stone I had just purchased, a shallow .91 ct. trilliant with Very Strong Blue fluorescence.  The abazias.com asking price is ~$400 more than I'm paying,  That's 15% higher.  (And BTW, assuming I'm keeping this, which will arrive later this afternoon, I wonder how soon abazias.com will update their website?)


When you're shopping online with no human connection, it's easy to rule out some vendors before you even get started with them.  It's regrettable that the price on one stone out of thousands would make me project that ALL their offerings are marked up so high, and it's not fair to them.


But coupled with the bad response time, coupled with the tight scheduling for returns, a high price is really the final strike.  Which is a shame, because if they've been around a while, they should know better how to play this game.

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Walk away.  I've never had a serious problem with them but YOU have.  Plenty of the online dealers will match prices, plenty offer 10 day returns (or more), and most are pretty fast about answering their phone and emails.


Yeah, it's unfortunate this happened for this buyer.  A missed phone call, no one to answer web inquiries, possibly a pricing error translates into NO SALE / Lost Customer.  And if they used to be advertising on this website but aren't now, it's possible they'll never even see this discussion.  All that investment, and nothing out the back end...

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Thank you everyone for your responses.  I have moved on from these guys.  Its too bad, i really liked being able to pull up the cert image for almost all the diamonds I was looking at.


Do you all have any other suggestions for online vendors to consider?


Thank you!

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