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What Do You Think Of Blue Returns?


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Actually there isn't much blue at all - it's just more spread around than with most princess cuts, and it's actually spread around quite gracefully and symmetrically.  You want some blue - without it, you get no contrast and sparkle.


The thing that concerns me a bit is the amount of white (or black, depending on the background colour chosen). This could be a diamond that's very bright in the centre, but quite dark on the edges, also depending on how it's going to be set. White (or black) means no light at all is reflected back by the diamond's facet: it's going through the diamond to whatever is in the background. If the background is dark... so will be the appearance.


This said - I assume it's in stock at GOG; ask them what they think, and whether they can take a video: they are pretty good at those things, usually, and it may help you decide whether it's worth having it shipped. If it is in stock, that to me is a good sign: no-one buys a diamond they don't like, and they are fairly selective.

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Here is a video of the diamond.




It is the same one in stock at both james allen and GOG somehow. I believe it is in James Allen's hands though, since it is significantly cheaper through them. I have requested aset images from them as well in the meantime. For some reason, all GOG asets look kind of white to me.


What was originally concerning me was the amount of blue, which I now believe is a good thing. But what is really getting me is the colour. Even from the rotating view, I can see it is not clear white. I am worried it would look off-white in the setting I will likely choose, like this one does below. (Below is an 1.5 I VS2) compared to my 1.6 I IF that I am looking at.




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Pictures are notoriously tricky for looking at color.  I mostly agree that if it bugs you don't buy it, but both of the companies you're talking about have agreeable return policies so one option is to buy it, look at it in person, and send it back if you find it bugs you in real life. 

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