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Please Help! Thoughts Are Needed On This Cushion Cut


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I am looking to propose to my long time girlfriend and have my eyes on a ritani ring that I am looking to purchase. I would most likely to go through with this purchase in the next day or two since I already have a date picked out and planned for my proposal..And before my purchase, I am hoping to get some feedback/guidance relates to Ritani as a brand and the specs of the center diamond.

This is the center stone that I have picked out for a French Halo setting.


the setting I am going with


The specs of the diamond is as follow:

Measurement: 5.30 x 5.21 x 3.48mm

CUT: Very Good






Base on your experience and expertise, would this make a good diamond as the center stone and provide a good sparkle?

Any feedback and perspective you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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I don't see a particular problem with it, but at the same time I don't see any real information either.  Someone, not GIA, gave it a cut grade of Very Good and there's no clues who that is or what they mean by it.  There's not enough information on a GIA report to even begin to do cut grading on cushions so either they have more info that they're not telling or they're issuing a grade based on, well, nothing.  The difference seems important. 


Will it have good sparkle?  No clue.  That's all about the cut. 

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