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Hand-Made Platinum Filigree Engagement Ring 2.04 Cts.


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Offering one five-stone 2.04 ct. platinum diamond Engagement ring. GIA Certified.

One owner, Circa 1936 hand made filigree platinum diamond engagement ring. Structurally perfect in all aspects.
The center diamond is brilliant, 1.79cts., round in shape, H in color and SI2 in clarity.
These details are further certified by the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) grading report #1152677814.

The ring itself is custom made in platinum. The two baguette shaped diamonds are G in color, VS in clarity with a total wt. of .25 cts.. The two single cut side diamonds are G in color, VS in quality with a total wt. of .10 carats.

The two single cut diamonds are prong-set into the heavy handmade platinum shank


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If I may comment... please let me know if you want me to delete this!


1) This is a lovely Art Deco ring in the style initiated (or at least made popular by) Raymond C. Yard at the very end of the 1920s. Yard was among the first - if not the first - to introduce the design with one important centre stone and simple shoulders using much smaller stones in a mix of step and brilliant cuts - usually single cuts on the rounds. See the 2008 book by Natascha Kuzmanovich, "Yard: The Life and Magnificent Jewelry of Raymond C . Yard". Are there any markings or writings on the shank? There is something visible in one of the pictures...


Even if it's not signed and/or not by Yard, I think you are doing yourself a disservice in describing this as a "5 stone ring". You've got heritage, (wo)man - flaunt it! ;) Kidding aside, if you have any proof - even anecdotal as "grandma's engagement ring" - that it does go back to the 1930s, it is definitely one of the early ones, Yard or not. It doesn't make it worth more, unfortunately, but it may make it easier to sell. 


2) Speaking of which, an indication of price would probably help too!


Good luck!

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