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Belgium Gemological Lab Certification ?? Plz Help

Bo Chen

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Im in the process of finding an engagement ring , I've shopped a few stores already, but this last store I was at seemed to have the best price. BUT... something seems a little fishy to me.

All the other stores i've been to carries all sorts of grade, but this store only carries Clarity grade of IF  and color of D & E. Second, the certification is from Belgium Gem Labs, i did a google search and didnt really find any info. Please see pic, any advice would be helpful.

that diamond in the pic is $4500. I believe if the rating is true, this diamond would retail around $6000.20140330_161243_zps41f73d96.jpg

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Default answer is "no, this is not to be trusted".


The only Belgian lab that I know that is relatively reliable in grading colour and cut goes by the name HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant). I don't see why the vendor would forsake the reputation that the HRD name would bring them just because the acronym is less "friendly". ;)


The reason why someone is offering a "$6000" diamond for $4500 is that the diamond is worth $4000... search for "EGL" on the forum and read the threads (not that EGL is a particularly bad lab; just the most common "unreliable" one).

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In a word, no, but I’ll try to explain a bit more.


D/IF and F/VS1 are visibly identical to nearly everyone.    The difference has to do with details that WAY smaller than what people expect, even experts.  It takes a microscope, it takes standardized environments, it takes knowing what to look for and it takes practice.  I’m not trying to glorify people with grading skills and tools, I’m just pointing out the process.  That’s WHY a lab is involved here.  You’re relying on the fact that someone else is bringing those things to the table and then relying on their opinion to make an informed decision.


That decision is worth thousands of dollars.


Anyone who wants to can make a little plastic coated card that says whatever they want.  Anyone who wants to call themselves a ‘laboratory’ or ‘appraiser’.  They can have whatever opinion they want.  It’s not even counterfeiting.  If you’re going to make a big money decision based on such a thing, the very first thing to look at is who supplied the opinion.  That’s ahead of what the opinion is.  That’s ahead of the price.  That’s ahead of the quality of plastic involved.   Obviously the default answer here is no. 


The burden is on the lab to convince you that they have merit, and if they can’t do it then they don’t.

It gets even worse than that.  If you find the lab to be less than credible, look long and hard at the dealer who is asking you to rely on them.  You can bet that THEY know this stuff, and are pointing at that tag in the hopes that you’ll make a decision based on it.  That means it’s time to rethink the other things they’re telling you.  Are you confident it’s really gold?  Are you confident it’s really even a diamond?  Why?   If the lab is bogus, don’t just hold it against the lab, hold it against the dealer.


So is BGL worth the paper it’s printed on or the plastic package?  I’ve never heard of them.  That means next to nothing.  They don’t come up in a Google search of their name.  That’s a bad sign.  They don’t very obviously list contact information on their document (maybe it’s on the back).  That’s a bad sign.  The store didn’t give you a sales pitch about them.  That’s a bad sign.  They’re providing significantly less information than most of their competitors.  That’s a bad sign.  The store is pricing at what you’re seeing as a steep discount.  That’s a bad sign.  So what are the good signs?   Why are you considering relying on them to the tune of $4000?

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I have in my life once had a stone with certificate from Belgium lab or similar. I didn't buy it on the certificate though.


And it graded a K color diamond with strong blue flor as H. There's a good chance that shop is probably the registered office for Belgium lab as well. :)

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