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Got The Ring And Am Now Engaged!


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First I want to thank those that took the time to respond to my thread, offer me guidance and help expand my knowledge of diamonds.  I still find myself visiting this and other sites and looking at other diamonds for sale daily.  It's almost as if I wish I could have bought 2 or 3.  ha ha  I even find myself looking at things I'll never be able to afford on diamondsbylauren.com often.  Speaking of, davidelevi, if I didn't have an impending wedding, honeymoon and then a new house coming up within the next year, I'd buy this ring in a heartbeat.  My fiance says it reminds her of the beach and it's beautiful!




My fiance loves the ring and the comments I have received from everyone that has seen it validates the time and effort I put into finding the right diamond and setting. 


Here is the info on the engagement ring I purchased.

.80 carat brilliant round center stone, GIA # 2146594906

G SI 2, very much eye clean

EX cut and symmetry, VG polish

HCA 1.7

Table 57

Depth 62.4

Crown angle 35

Pav angle 40.8


It is in Tacori setting 2573 in 18k gold and has .11 pave side diamonds.

Total price paid after receiving $400 promo AmEx gift card = $4,285


Here are a few pics.  The lighting wasn't great, so this is the best I could do.  Thanks again!





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