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Any Reviews About Trax Nyc?


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Hi! I am new to this forum. I came across it after I started to search for reviews about this company called traxnyc from NY. They have a website called traxnyc.com . First of all, I should say I DO NOT KNOW anything about diamonds. The only thing I know (for sure) is that I like these two rings that I found on this website but I have no idea if the company is reputable or if their jewelry is well made etc. I don't live in NY so I was thinking to order online. The rings that I like are http://www.traxnyc.com/Ladies-Rings-Diamond-Wedding-Rings-Princess-Cut-Wedding-Ring-2-bs_1-item31155.html and http://www.traxnyc.com/Ladies-Rings-Diamond-Wedding-Rings-Princess-Cut-Diamond-Wedding-Ring-bs_3-item30639.html. I like them and I like the prices but what do I really get for these prices? Can anybody take a look at these links and let me know what you, as professionals , think? I like the princess cut and this cathedral style but I am wondering if the company is legit and if it stays by what they claim they sell. What should I know before I order from them and before I make up my mind? Are the diamonds ok - clarity, color and cut? Thank you!! I also posted some pics of the rings.





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Premise - I don't know this company. Never even heard of them.


This said, there are a couple of big questions that their site leaves unanswered:


1) Who is grading the stones? Fundamentally they aren't corroborating any of their claims on colour or clarity (and they don't claim anything on cut...) - anyone is free to call a diamond "F/VS2"; it doesn't mean it is...


2) Are the stones real diamonds, natural and untreated (e.g. through fracture filling/clarity enhancement)?


3) Their return policy is pretty restrictive. Does the consideration of "custom work" applies to resizing carried out by them?


Apart from that, it's worth noting that their prices are not necessarily exceptional. Assuming they are grading the centre stones correctly (and I doubt they are - see question 1), you can find similar, GIA-graded centre stones for $5-8k (1.30 F/VS2)...

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Ok, so I asked them all the question that you raised and this is wat they answered back..what do you think?


Hello Andrea,


Thank you for your interest in our website and services. There is a

gemological lab that certifies our stones in the diamond district and

our diamond jewelry all comes with appraisals. If you want GIA

certified stones we can do that as well but the price would be more.

All of the diamonds are natural and untreated. And we don't mention

these things usually because we don't focus on the center stone for

most of the rings but due to the high volume of questions that we

receive about the center stones, we are in the process of updating all

of the items with that information. Thanks for your inquiry, and if

you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

via email or call at 212-xxxxxxx


Thank You,


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Some interesting facts or further questions:


1) A GIA report for a stone between 1.00 and 1.49 costs $105; for 1.50 to 1.99 costs $121. If the only difference is the report, why would a GIA graded stone cost "more" than $100 more? (GIA fees available on http://www.gia.edu/gem-lab-service/diamond - click on the "Fee Schedule" button)


2) What's the point of an appraisal that is commissioned by the seller?


3) No gem lab "certifies" anything, but semantics aside, the issue is why should you trust this "other" lab?


4) They don't focus on the centre stone, but in the two rings you picked the centre stone (if it were correctly graded) would be anywhere between 70 and 90% of the price... or more (e.g. I cannot find any properly graded 1.8x H/SI1 princess cuts for much less than $7,000)


5) I don't see an answer to the question on returns on stuff that they have sized... since most people are not a size 5, if we stick to the letter of their return policy, it sounds like you are stuck with the piece once you buy it. Not something I would like.

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I did not ask about the resizing because I read their policy and they do say they consider 'resizing' costum made products and they do not accept costum made products for refund or exchange. So, based on the email they sent me I assume they are kind of bizarre ...I guess I am going to give up..I really liked the first ring though..:( thank you for your reply . That's very nice of you to take the time.

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I bought I pendant something cheap jus to try it out around 30$ it didn't take long to arrive but once I got it it had 2 defects on it like the piece I have is one of 30 pieces they made thru a machine or something and last time I checked sterling silver dosent stick to magnets I haven't gotten it it look at by a jeweler yet but I just thought I'd put this up due to the fact that a lot of people have received broken goods from them



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I went to the website and looked at a Franco 22 inch 10k gold chain that was somewhere around $300. I also went to another dealers website called The gold God's. I compared prices on the same style and karat chain...the one on the gold God's was $800. My question is...why would a company sell a chain for nearly $300 and the same chain somewhere else is $800...to the looks of it they are the same thing...why would the prices be different

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Hi Jeremy, welcome to Diamond Review!

3 hours ago, Jeremy J said:

My question is...why would a company sell a chain for nearly $300 and the same chain somewhere else is $800...to the looks of it they are the same thing...why would the prices be different

The flippant answer is "because they think they can". There is some truth in it, though: think of how Zara or H&M sometimes "copy" high-end clothing but sell it for 1/10 of the price. Or closer to home, an original Cartier Trinity ring will set you off 3-4 times as much as an unsigned copy.

However, like the analogies, the flippant answer also has limitations. The dress by Valentino uses better materials than the Zara one and is hand-stitched while the other is machine-stitched. The Cartier rings are of gold alloys of matched hardness and roll perfectly; the knock-off copy wears unevenly and the rings stick to each other a little bit and so on.

So, what could be different? Without seeing the two items (and I mean the items, not photos), it's impossible to say for sure, but here are a few things that could justify the difference:

1. Materials: is it possible that one chain is rolled gold or plated, and the other one is wholly10k gold?

2. Quantity: one chain may be made with significantly more metal - even if the links are the same external size, they may be hollow or worked in such a way to weigh less. Gold is expensive.

3. Workmanship and finish: how accurately is each link in the chain made? Are gaps and holes all equal? Are the links perfectly polished only on the flat, external surfaces, or throughout? Are clasps/bails of comparable quality and fitted neatly?

4. Selling and marketing: is one seller offering added value services (e.g. guarantees, repairs, cleaning, sizing/customisation, returns, financing, trade-in/exchange) that the other one isn't? Does one seller have a shop where you can see the item, try it on and feel it, while the other seller deals purely online? Are assortment and availability comparable? Having one item in stock and 10 "on order" costs far less than having 100 items in stock. What about reputation/brand and marketing? Some of the Cartier copies are as good as Cartier's, but they don't have the neat Cartier name engraved.

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17 minutes ago, lovephileo said:

Maybe these questions should be considered by all sellers and buyers:

1.  Do they have a professional in-house gemologist who appraises the value of a jewelry?

2.  Are they connected to the international diamond markets?

3.  Do they utilize the latest technology and equipment?

4. Do they have access to the world’s diamond databases and can check diamond certification in just seconds?

Selling Diamond in NYC or buying a pearl could be a big mistake, you need an expert to tell you. I have once tried [spam], and it gave me a 100% guarantee! 

How did this discussion move on to labs, suddenly?

1. That's what a lab does... a gemological lab that is not employing competent gemologists (and appraisers if it provides appraisals - the two things are not the same) should go out of business pretty quickly.

2. They don't need the connections to the market. They aren't buying or selling if they are a serious lab - the fact that this particular one is advertising its services as a buyer is NOT a good point in its favour.

3. This one is a good point - but how would a consumer know what's reliable and up-to-date equipment?  

4. Subscription to Rapnet or Polygon is not expensive on a business scale, and consumers can check most lab reports on the lab sites for free nowadays.

As to the conclusion - yes, plenty of ripoffs whether buying or selling in NYC and in a lot of other places; not sure why selling a diamond or buying a pearl should be particularly highlighted. But above all, two questions here:

1. One needs an expert to tell one what, precisely?

2. A 100% guarantee of what?

That the goods were reasonably described? That you got fair value? That you will get a good price from them? That they will buy everything from you at their "appraisal" value, no questions asked, no time limits?

Post reported for likely spamming. Note that the one lonely Google review is from a trade connection saying "I hope we can do business together". 'nuff said!

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