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B2C Jewels? Are They Legit? Shopping For 4.01 Rb.

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Hi, I have found 2 stones that fits my budget. I stone is from b2c jewels and the other is from a local vendor. Which is the better diamond deal? Has anyone had experience with b2c jewels?


Stone from local vendor is priced at $133,000
link to gia report


4.03 carat / G color / VVS2 / GIA xxx / Faint flourescent

This stone has a poor HCA score of 5.5. The stone is not inscribed.



B2C Jewels stone online is priced at $126,400

link to gia report

4.01carat / F color / VVS2 / GIA xxx / Medium Blue flourescent

This diamond has a great HCA score.  I have attached the ASET report to this that i received from b2c jewels.

I am ok with the price but am nervous of buying things online. i am worried that the medium blue flourescent will make the diamond look cloudy.




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Yes, B2C is legit.


Whether or not that's the right stone for you is a completely different question.  The same holds for your local dealer.  I"ve no clue if they're legit or not so I'll take your word for it so the question is whether their stone would suit you better.   That's a much more difficult issue and it starts with understanding the specs you're using and your objectives.


It's entirely possible that the local guys can get the B2C stone as well by the way.  If you like the seller better and prefer to shop locally, you might ask them about it and show them the competitive ad.  They may or may not want to match the price but it doesn't hurt to ask.  The opposite is probably also true.  B2C may be able to get you the exact same stone that the local guy is showing (does he/she actually have the stone in hand or are they selling off of the lab report?)


Medium Blue fluorescence will not cause a cloudy appearance in sunlight unless it's incorrectly graded.  The test is simple enough though.  Look at it in the sunlight. 

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+1 to Neil's post above. FWIW, on paper (and bearing in mind we have no reflector images of the "local" stone) I think the B2C diamond is the nicer of the two.


On fluorescence, other than repeating Neil's observations: may help to reduce concerns.

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I like the cut better with B2C on paper. Especially: Crown and Pavilion Angle combination. I do not like Medium Blue on an F color. * Even though it will look flawlessly white in direct sunlight.
FWIW: To the OP (I have never seen a medium blue) Cause Milky/cloudy appearance. This usually happens with Strong/Very strong fluorescence. (When it does) and is not frequent.
I like B2C - Based on stats/price/return policy. I think a local vendor will be very un-pleasant with a 133K return. B2C does not care as much. I presume they make millions of dollars. (Return or no return)

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I like the Brian Gavin option.  Much cheaper and appears to be a very nice looking stone.  I have heard nothing but great things from BG Signature Blue diamonds.  Unfortunately, I could not afford one.

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