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As I mentioned on the other thread, sticking posts at the end of unrelated, old conversations doesn't help. Start your own thread - it's easy enough - and please provide more details; it's not at all clear (to me at least) what your question is - unless you mean "breakdown" in a literal, physical sense, in which case a 2 lb mallet and a hard, stable surface are generally good.

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The pictures come from here: http://www.genesisdiamonds.net/engagement-rings/genesis-designs/genesis-designs-w-er6966-engagement-ring.html


Whether this is where the ring was actually bought (and whether it looks in reality as it does in the pictures, which are most likely CAD renderings, not pictures of a real ring), the OP is the only one who knows, and he hasn't been around here for about two and a half years.

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