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What Is The Most Efficient And Cost Effective Way Of Sorting High Volume Melees?

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On 10/14/2013 at 11:52 PM, Dirk Rendel said:




I probably will not ever have to do this in my lifetime (at least I hope I won't), but it would be interesting, if you post how you managed the task.


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I "taught" diamonds to swim in the rising stream of water and now I am looking for a practical application to this effect. In my opinion, interest can arise at sorting bulk of breakout scrap diamonds from simulans (e.g. CZ's). I also think that geometrical similarity of one kind diamonds cutting can be used for separation defective gems because pressure of water for their floating up must be differed.
In addition, at in-depth research, it is possible to find a relationship between the rate of gems lifting and how correctly is a diamond faceted.

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