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Advice On 0.65Ct H Vs1 Round Engagement Diamond Ring From Hong Kong

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Hey Guys,


I am a brand new member from Australia and I'm seeking some advice. My father is currently in Hong Kong helping me find an engagement ring for me. I have known my partner for 6 years and hope to ask her to marry me at the end of this year.


The ring he has found that I really like and fits the style that I know she has been looking at is attached.


The specs are 0.65ct H colour VS1. He says he thinks he can get it for just under $3000 AUD or roughly $3080 USD.


Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated.





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Hi Adam,

 First of all you will need a GIA or AGS laboratory report on the center diamond.  They have them in HongKong if you decide to keep going this route.  For that price range you can definitely get a really nice diamond.  In fact we just quoted one of our clients in our office one with the lab report $2345 for an ideal hearts and arrows in a VS2 I. 


For those that want to know the truth about diamonds, just ask.

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I agree with Jan here on this.


If they are serious about selling this ring, then they should definitely get the cert from GIA or AGS in order to assure the quality of this diamond.


Aside from that, beautiful ring!


Is that the style that you or she were looking for?

Gerry 'The Jeweler'

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