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New Diamondfinder Launched


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Thank you for all your feedback.  I've taken all of your feedback, and have rolled out a major upgrade to the new DiamondFinder, including:


1. Complete, professional design clean-up, on both search form and results.

2. "Cut & paste" URL on browser address bar (URL on top) to save or pass along search parameters.

3. Fixed a bug that broke DiamondFinder if user went to http://diamondreview.com (as opposed to http://www.diamondreview.com). This bug also broke some versions of Chrome.

4. Confusing Lab selection buttons eliminated, and replaced with checkboxes & lab logos

5. Carat Wt and Price sliders are now non-linear, increasing more rapidly with higher carat/price

6. Previous sliders could overlap and result in confusion. New sliders cannot overlap and more intuitively control ranges.

7. Most columns are now sortable, in both ascending & descending order.

8. Added "," for thousands (in price and in diamond count)

9. Results are limited to top 500 diamonds

10. Page number navigation now expanded beyond just "previous" and "next"

11. Added EGL lab.  We will also display IGI and HRD certified diamonds, but not make them selectable (there's only space for 3 labs).

12. Added filter/sort by symmetry, polish, and culet

13. Search speed improvements

14. Old version of DiamondFinder no longer available (too many changes to underlying software which essentially "broke" the old one).


As always, please let me know if you stumble into any bugs, usability issues, further suggestions.... anything at all.



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Hi all,


Thanks for your suggestions regarding DiamondFinder.  This morning I rolled out a few updates based on suggestions/discussion:


1. Labs supported.  The Lab column will display lab certifications from GIA, AGS, EGL, HRD, and IGI.  Since the amount of space is limited, filtering will only be allowed by GIA, AGS, and EGL.  There has been some debate about introducing some of the lesser-known labs, who may very well be doing quality work, but in the interest of consistency I think Diamond Review needs to stick with the better-known labs which probably cover 99%+ of all the relevant gradings out there.  If anyone out there feels very strongly about a particular lab not listed here, I'm open to further discussion.


2. Cut Grades are for Rounds only, and only if graded by GIA or AGS.  The Cut grade column is meant for the lab's cut grading, and not for a vendor cut grade.  Since there still appears to be some industry debate about fancy cuts, and one of my primary goals is to deliver consistency to consumers, I have decided to stick with rounds only for now.  Consumers will be advised to consult with their jeweler for advice on fancy cut grades, so that each fancy stone can be evaluated individually and on its own merits, and not against an inconsistent industry grading system.


3. "Ideal" cut grade is allowed for AGS only.  This was a tough one.  AGS has an extra cut grade, "Ideal", that GIA does not offer.  Diamond Review will display the "Ideal" grade if (and only if) the stone is graded by AGS.  However, in the interest of avoiding having the system favor an AGS Ideal stone over a GIA Excellent stone, the filter sliders will not allow filtering by Ideal only.  Consumers can search for AGS/Ideal stones by sorting for Cut.


4. Most jewelers are now providing Cut info.  I've been busy upgrading each one individually. As of this posting, only 3 upgrades remain.


5. Shape select now includes a picture of a sample diamond.  Many consumers don't know the difference between a Marquise cut and an Oval cut, for example.  Or a Cushion vs. an Asscher.  The dropdown select now includes a nice picture.


6. Paging now distinctive.  Fixed a small usability issue, in that it was hard to tell the current page number of the search results.  The current page number is now displayed in a red box.


Further comments/suggestions are always welcome!

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