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Got The Ring!


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My boyfriend surprised me with a proposal on January 8.  I already had a stone to use in the ring.  I bought the stone using help from this website back in 2001using a new online company called, at the time, dirtcheapdiamond.com.  Ha, ha.  Now they are JamesAllen.com, I believe.  The stone is a GIA certified 2.08 J VS2 emerald cut with medium blue florescence.  I found a setting I loved at Solomon Brothers B&M store here in Atlanta.  It is made by C. Gonshor but is sold under the Solomon Brothers' name.  Style #6688.


Picked up the ring this morning.  Feels great on the hand.  But I wonder if the micro-pave on the sides will irritate the sides of my other fingers.  Maybe I'll get used to it over time.


Let me know if you have questions.  I'd love the chance to talk more about this georgous piece.











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Congratulations! It looks lovely - and a good deal larger than a 2 carat!


On the micropave/irritation: hopefully it is just a matter of getting used to the sensation; if it keeps annoying you, ask the original seller to fix it; don't use another jeweller - overpolishing of the setting is a common cause of failure for micropave, and at least if they have done all the work there is no dispute about responsibility...

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