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Search Bar Not Working

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The search bar looks for things that have been said in the forum, not really ads fro stones. People can say whatever they want so you sort of have to guess what they might have said. Try something a little broader like 'Euro'. I don't know if it's case sensitive but maybe also 'euro' is worth a shot.

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Thank you for the reply. I tried 'euro' but came up with my own thread, hahaha! I'm just surprised that it's not getting any other hits. To clarify, I'm not looking for ads for stones, just want to add to my OEC education. I've spent a lot of time on pricescope however I wanted to see if there are other perspectives/attitudes on OECs.

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The search function requires at least four characters to work, so OEC won't work. This said, searching for "Old European Cut" in quotes returns 27 hits and "Euro" in 14 including the current thread. Have you checked that you are searching all forums and not just the current topic/forum? Use the grey bar next to the loupe tool to specify the scope of the search; default is "this topic", so of course it returns a hit on this topic... ;)

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