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Confused About Buying Diamond Earrings


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I am currently on holiday and have seen some earrings which I like. However, I am confused if they are diamonds or not and wanted your help.Each earring has about 40 small diamonds, mounted in white gold. They are small and mounted so can not really do the dot test or fog test on it.


How can I therefore be sure they are diamonds. Sorry I do not have a picture.




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Good day..


Please I hope someone could me I'm planning to buy this ring.. 1.5 ct diamond solitaire engagement wedding ring princess solid 18k white gold item specification..



Certificate of authenticity.shine bright with a diamond



Metal.white gold

Metal purity.18k

Natural/lab created.lab created/man made

Total carat weight(tcw).1.50

Diamond color.d

With appraised value of $1095


Is it real or not?thank you

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The comment about 'natural/lab created/man made' gives me pause.  That tells me it's not a diamond.  The price supports that.  A natural diamond of those specs would be far more expensive and a lab created diamond of those specs doesn't exist.  That leaves a man made material of some other type.  CZ is the obvious first guess.  


Is it worth it?  Maybe.  What does ti cost?  Do you love it?

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Thank you for your reply it cost $500.00..yes I love it..is it worth to buy or you think I need to find other seller and buy a real diamond? Thank you..and by the way what is CZ? I'm sorry I'm not familiar with any kind of jewelry words..I hope you understand..

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