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Attaching Jig Images


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I assume you mean ".jpg" - if the extension of the file is not a commonly recognised extension, the attach procedure I describe below won't work.


1. Click on "More Reply Options" below the reply edit box.


2. Click on "Choose File". This will bring up an Explorer window for you to browse the computer and choose the file you want to attach.


3. Click on the "Open" button at the bottom of the box. This will close the Explorer window. Your file's name should now show up next to the "Choose File" button.


4. Click on "Attach This File". If you get an error at this point it's because the attachment type isn't allowed (e.g. you can't attach .PDF files) or the file is too large (2MB limit for each single attachment)


5. You should now see a thumbnail of the image below the edit box. If you simply post the message now the attachment will be appended to the bottom of your post in thumbnail format. If you want to see the image appear at a specific point in the post, then select where you want the image to appear, then click on the "Add to Post" link to the right of the file name. This will create something that looks like [ attachment=nnnn:YourFileName.ext ] which will be converted into the image when you preview or add your reply.

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