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Choosing The Best Diamond For The Tacori 2620 Rd Md P


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Thanks in advance for those willing to give advice.


I am set on the Tacori 2620 rd md p...... I just love the way it looks on my hand. My fi and I are in the process of picking out the best center stone.


Our budget for the center stone is $9000 to $11000


We have been looking at GIA diamonds only.


Our specs have been:


Size: 1.25 to 1.5 carat

Cut: excellent

Color: g to h

Clarity: vvs2 to si1



My question is: How important is the size of the center stone in this setting? Is there a noticeable difference in a 7mm stone vs a 7.5mm stone?


Thanks for your comments!


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How important is it to you?


A 0.5 mm difference will be noticeable with the two stones next to each other, and it may be sufficient for you to "tell them apart" even when they are not next to each other. Will it make a difference to the casual observer who looks at the ring on your hand? In no way.


If I were you, I'd spend the budget on getting the best cut diamond I can, rather than worrying about the size of the stone.

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Thank you for your advice... That it what I was thinking.


Does anyone know if Tacori makes the diameter of the halo custom to each stone? Or are all RD MD P the same diameter halo?


If the target budget is $10k to $11k for the center stone, what would you suggest as the best diamond for this ring?


Thanks again!

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You certainly have the budget for a 1.50 ct. range. I do think there is a noticable difference between a 1.50 ct. and a 1.25 ct.

You could get an ideal cut diamond in the 1.60 ct. SI1 I range in your budget.

or a 1.42 ct. VS2 I that is ideal cut as well. I have some photos of the 1.42 ct.



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Thank you for your help. For our budget, I think we are looking at a VS2 or SI1. We have never purchased a diamond over the internet, but am considering due to selection and also the tax benefits.


In your opinion, can one get a good feel for a diamond based on GIA certs and digital photos? I know nothing beats being able to compare 2 diamonds in person.


If you find a Triple X GIA G or H color, VS2 or SI1... Can one have reasonable confidence that it will meet expectations?


Thank you!

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Tacori - no idea if they make to measure, but I think it is unlikely, They probably have a set of calibrated sizes (every 0.2 mm or so), but the only people who can answer with certainty are Tacori or their authorised dealers.


G-H / VS2-SI1 is a fairly safe bet. It will look white, most likely it won't show any inclusions and any GIA Excellent cut is going to look reasonable. Not every GIA Excellent will look how you expect it, though - GIA went for a pretty broad definition of "excellence" which has pros and cons.


Have you read GIA's basic articles on cut assessment? Here's the links:





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