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Daisy Diamond Ring (Diamondsandrings.co.uk)


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I was looking for a Tiffany Style Daisy Diamond ring (http://www.tiffany.com/Shopping/Item.aspx?sku=GRP01843&mcat=148204&cid=287466&search_params=s+5-p+2-c+287466-r+101323351-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+) and, having no results on Blue Nile or James Allen (my favourite) I came accross this one:




Any feedback about this reseller and the qulity of this ring?

Alternatives? I'm in EU so shipping from EU is preferred.


Any hints also on this ring?



Thanks for all.


Wile E.

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The good news is that that type of design is not uncommon. We make that type of ring (or similar flower-like ones) quite regularly - here's a few variations we have made over the last few months with different centre and side stones and other style variations. Although we are not UK-based, we ship to the UK regularly - give us a call if you like what you see below:








The not-so-good (but not so bad either) news is that I don't know either of the jewellers above. What I do know, however, is that neither is describing what you would be getting in a way that makes any price or quality comparison very reliable.


While it is true that Tiffany is significantly more expensive, the problem is in what exactly you will be getting: we can be reasonably assured that the Tiffany ring will look like the one on the site, with white, sparkly and clean diamonds. On the DiamondsandRings site, "G-H" "VS/SI" covers a fair amount of ground (even assuming that the diamonds are fairly graded) and it says nothing about cut - and what you have is not a photo but a CAD rendering. The Images site is presenting only samples of work; I am sure they can create another one "just like that", but at what cost and with what quality is even more open.


By and large, there are no free lunches and jewellery is certainly no exception. You get what you pay for. Some of it goes for the blue box, the nice environment and the attention of a troupe of sales assistants - some of it goes in the jewel.

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