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Cushion Vs. Quadex - What Are Your Thoughts?


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I've begun searching for a stone for my lady who likes square cut diamonds and have done a good amount of online research but wanted to see what the wise people on Pricescope have to say.


My goal, as I'm sure is the goal of many fellas, is to get a stone that is as fiery and brilliant as possible without breaking the bank entirely. I have a budget of about $15k, give or take another 2k, and would love some guidance on my dilemma below:


I am trying to determine whether it's better to go for a cushion cut from a site like James Allen, or a Quadex from Brian Gavin Diamonds. The former enables me to buy a higher carat stone with a higher color grade for slightly less than a Quadex, but I'm intrigued by the fact that the quadex seems to be very unique and everything I've read about BGD suggests that they are an online diamond site w/ integrity and high standards.




I have been quoted $13,275 for a 1.4ct H/VVS2 Quadex from BGD, but JamesAllen provides several lovely 1.5ct+ F/G VS2 Cushions for <$13,000. My primary question is:


Is it better for me to go with a slightly smaller Quadex stone in an H / VVS2 or a slightly larger stone with a higher color grade but VS1/2. Does it even really matter?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Both sites you're considering are quality outfits. That said, this has nothing to do with the question at hand of which stone you're likley to prefer. Cushions aren't really cut for fire and Quadex's are. On the other hand, cushions have a 'depth' to them that is mostly unmatched in the diamond world. The look is quite different. Do you like the look, in person, of traditional princess cuts? Have you looked at some cushions?

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