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Waiting On Egl Certificate


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My fiancé recently proposed with a 2.02 caret round brilliant diamond in a white gold Tiffany setting. The jeweler told him the stone is EGL certified but did not provide a copy of the certificate. He said it takes a few weeks for him to receive the certifucate and he will let us know when we can come pick it up. We have the stone in our possession. Is this normal?

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It is a bit odd - it's normal for diamonds to travel from the wholesaler to the retailer "without paper", but there's no reason why the papers cannot be sent within a day or so after the sale. Make sure you have a good return policy and get the diamond appraised and graded by your chosen expert as quickly as possible - presumably even if the report is not with you, you have a receipt/invoice with a description.

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Sometimes the supplier won't send out the paperwork till they get paid. If the jeweler doesn't have money, he can't pay until your check clears the bank. Add some shipping time and a bit of just slacker time at both stops and this can add up to several weeks. Not that this is an excuse, just an explaination. Call up and nag. Sometimes it helps, especially if someone just hasn't taken the trouble to stick it in an envelope or whatever.

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