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Help .61 E V .71 G Both Cost The Same


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New to this forum, I have found two Princess cut stones and don't know which one to pick, they will be for a solitaire platinum ring set on their own for a small J (4 5/8) size finger


.61 E vs1 (ex polish vg sym)




.71 G Si1 (vg polish vg sym)


Both cuts are excellent and are priced the same.


I guess I'm worried the .61 will look small.



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Bear in mind that at 0.70 the price per carat increases considerably, which is one of the reasons why you can get much higher colour and clarity on the 0.61. Secondly, have the two stones been graded by the same lab? If not, there is the serious possibility that they are applying different standards; in some cases, even the same lab will not be consistent enough to compare properly.


The last factor - about which we know nothing - is cut. It is possible that a well cut 0.61 will look bigger than a poorly cut 0.71, and it is possible that the larger (physically) of the two stones is not very nice, while the smaller is a lively sparkler. The only way to determine it is to get a lot more information than you currently have.

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By cut I don't mean the shape (round, princess etc.). I mean the quality of the cut. If you pick - for example - 0.60-0.65 E/VS1 princess cuts on the Diamond Finder, their prices go from about $1400 to about $2700. This is a 2:1 ratio, and the key driver of this difference is cut quality.


The information on a GIA report is pretty much useless as far as cut quality is concerned. If the stones are at the same vendor, look at them in as many lighting conditions as you can (spotlights, diffused/fluorescent light, natural light) and decide based on which one looks nicest to you.

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Thank you for taking the time to come back to me, that's good advice


I actually did as you said, daylight and fluro and I felt the .61 was better than the .71, more sparkle, whiter colour, the only reason I hesitate is the jeweller and both her assitants said you can't tell the difference between a G and E really and I should go for bigger .71.


The jeweller te expert i guess and i trust the jeweller but you just never know.



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