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An Ugly 1.26Ct Has Been "re-Cut" To A Handsome 1.03Ct - Awesome!!!


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The 1.26ct that I recently acquired; I’m interested in having it re-cut. It came into my inventory very cheaply. The stone is conservatively a K-L color and SI2-I1 clarity. The stone has all the signs of being an old cut; it has a small table, large culet, very thin girdle, and proportionally a shallow cut stone. I’m interested in having it cut to GIA Very Good-Excellent; and keeping it above 1.01ct


P.S. I want to increase the table size, polish out the 2 chips to the girdle, make a thin-med faceted girdle, no culet, re-shape to roughly ideal/ very fine parameters: Just a curiosity question do you think that a stone with these problems can be cut "Very Good-Excellent" with .25pts of play?

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Davide you had asked me about an update on the the OEC 1.26ct round….The stone came back from the cutter a handsome 1.03ct. "Charlie" covered every detail to exacting specificity. I am thrilled with the cut, price, and turnaround time. Unfortunately I did not take an image showing the before/ and after. (That would have been interesting to see). Next time I will certainly do that!! However in my head I recall it perfectly. Regardless, I will be sending the stone to GIA for certification. I expect conservatively the stone to come back a 1.03ct K/VS1 Cut: VG

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