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Concern About Fluorescence In G-Colored Diamond


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I am looking at a diamond with the following GIA specs. The cost is $5900.


1.09 carat

Color G

Clarity SI1

Cut Very Good

Polish Very Good

Symmetry Very Good


Fluorescence Very strong blue


I looked at the diamond before it was certified and did not notice any haziness or milkiness but I never took it into the direct sunlight. I thought it looked great at the time. And now that it is certified and I know it has strong fluorescence I am a bit concered. The seller says it has no apparent milkiness when he looks at it in the sunlight but I am unable to get back to the store and was planning on just buying over the phone.


Does that price seem like a good deal and do you think I should be concerned over the fluorescence? I do not care about how it looks under UV, only in sunlight.

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You would not notice any haziness or milkiness under artificial light; it has almost no UV component. Whether in sunlight you would see any is impossible to predict. It is a fairly rare phenomenon, but it does exist. What is the vendor's return policy? If it is milky/hazy you will know very quickly simply by taking it into sunlight.


Price; it seems within reasonable bounds, but whether it is a good deal depends on a lot of factors:


0) Is it what you were looking for? Do you like it? A low price on something you don't want is not a bargain.

1) Who has graded it? My "reasonable" comment above refers to a GIA-graded stone. Not all labs are created equal.

2) Any haziness/milkiness

3) Visibility of the inclusions

4) Details of cut ("Very Good" covers a lot of ground)

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What's it take to go back to the store and look at it in the sunlight? $5900 is a lot of money and this will nag at you unless you look at it. If it's just a drive across town, do it. If it's a flight across the country, perhaps they will agree to ship it to you with a return agreement if you decide you're unhappy. The whole 'overblue' thing is a pretty unusual problem but it does exist and it's reasonable to be worried about it. What has the dealer offered?

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