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Is This A Decent Deal?


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I'm currently shopping for a brilliant for (solitaire) use in an engagement ring. As I haven't got that big a budget and don't like the big-fat-rock on delicate hand look anyway I was thinking of going perfection over size / weight.

To that end, I've been offered the following online and sight unseen:


0.28 carat / D / IF / XXX

GIA #1139714456 (report av. online)

for EUR 1231 (~USD 1550)

including shipping and all taxes, if any.


So, is this a decent stone for the price or should I be looking somewhere else?


Is it suited for the intended use or does it have any flaws clueless me isn't seeing? ("Overkill" *is* a valid concern ^^)


(I've tried finding a local shoppe of the brick and mortar variety, but so far I've only found the kind that sells ready-made rings out of a catalog and/or for five figures ...)



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Depending on where we're talking about the 'free' shipping and taxes and the nature of the store selling it, that ranges from a little high to quite reasonable.


Is it suitable for the intended purpose? That's hard to know without knowing the bride. The usual reason people buy D/IF's is the symbolism of getting the 'best' because she's worth it and they pay a considerable premium for the bragging rights associated with that. You could get a visibly identical stone for less than half the price if you backed off on that but you would lose that feature along with it. Whether or not it's worth it is up to you. Presumably you already knew this when you picked this particular stone so I guess the answer is yes.

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0.28 is small "even" for Europe.

Thanks for the heads-up! 1/4 carat didn't look that small to me, but then I've no experience and it might of course look smaller on a finger than on a chart ... hm. Is there any rule of thumb for diamond size (i. e. relative to ring size)?


Sadly I'm on vacation right now with no jewellers in sight and postponing the order until after would probably wreck the timing.


I'm curious, though - What's Europe (or anywhere) got to do with diamond size? Different expectations?

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This notion that the bigger the diamond the more he loves you and the better a catch he is is a pretty American concept, much to the disappointment of the folks selling diamonds. Similarly, in Asia there's the well established idea that the 'purity' of the diamond has something to do with the purity of your relationship. Both of these ideas are silly, of course, but since the whole point is symbolism anyway they are no more or less silly than any other argument for why one diamond is 'better' than another. At the end of the day it's just a rock, buy what you like. In Europe, big rocks are seen as a bit gauche and the super high grades are seen as a waste of money. Your results may vary. That's part of what makes the world an interesting place.

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To add/complement Neil's comment: no there is no rule of thumb, but a quarter carat is definitely on the small side even for a slim hand. What I see on the hands of people here in Switzerland is most commonly stones between 0.50 and 0.80. The UK average is probably a little larger, and Italy a little smaller. My wife has average size hands (6.5 US / M-N UK), and she seems to prefer (and look best in my opinion) with single stones of about 0.75 - 1 carat.


Sizing charts can be deceiving, partly because the visual size of a 3D object is difficult to capture with a 2D profile, and partly because of screen scaling factors etc.


Ordering time: well, bear in mind that delivery time can be in a week (or little more if you want it set in the ring).


I searched a bit in DBL's photo archives... and found this: a hand shot of a 0.35 with a halo on a size 5.5 finger. Bear in mind that the halo is making the stone look almost twice as big (equivalent to a good full carat or so). Below is a closer detail of the ring.





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