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Help On Emerald Engagement Ring Specs


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I am currently in the process of evaluating engagement rings for my girlfriend. Because I live in an extremely expensive country, I am evaluating offers from jewellers abroad. One particular ring has caught my attention and given that I can't view it I am hoping someone might be able to give me some professional feedback. The specs of the ring are as follows:


Certification: GIA

Shape and Cutting Style: Emerald

Measurements: 8.21 x 6.45 x 4.28 (L/W of appr. 1.27 which is what she wants)

Carat: 2.01

Color Grade: F

Clarity Grade: VVS1

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Girdle: Thin

Table %: 64%

Depth %: 66.4%

Price: $24,000


I'd much appreciate anyone's feedback on the above specs.


Thanks in advance!

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The thing about emerald cuts is that what drives the look is primarily the shape and the angles of the reflectors on the back and top. None of this information appears on the lab report. You're buying a pretty high end stone and it may be lovely (acually, it's probably lovely) and you're doing the deal internationally, which makes the whole shipping and returns if you're unhappy thing a significant pain. If you're in a high cost country, a significant contributor to this is probably taxes and you should be aware that there will be a discussion with your local cusoms office at the time of import. You didn't mention your dealer or how you came about this particular stone but you might consider finding someone who can give you more information before you commit to the shipment.

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Thank you very much for your responses. The jeweller is in Dubai. I will be there on business soon which is why I inquired with them in the first place. I have a pretty good understanding of my gf's taste and sent through the basic specs I'd be looking for. Unfortunately, I will only be there for 1.5 days and they aren't able to send me any photos because the diamond is in their Mumbai office and apparently sealed - this worries me quite a bit despite the fact that it will come with a GIA certification.


Do jewelers typically measure the shape and the angles of the reflectors on the back and top of emerald diamonds? For instance, if I know these particular specifications would I be able to get more certainty on the quality of the diamond?

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No, they won't typically measure those things - you will see them "immediately" in as much as they do make a stone look different, but there is a large component of taste.


Much of the market in Dubai and other UAE places is "sealed stones", which has some advantages in terms of guaranteeing the consumer. Unfortunately, it also presents far more disadvantages when you are buying something where the report does not contain enough information...

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Given that I was planning on being in Dubai in the first place I decided to do a little bit of research and stumbled across the jeweler in a number of online forums. It seems like quite a few Europeans have bought their engagement rings there and the reviews are largely positive. Thanks very much for the feedback! Gives me a lot of food for thought.

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Not sure if you've already made your purchase, but my husband and I went ring shopping in Dubai and had a very good experience. It is true that the diamond was sealed when we purchased it, but we had a neat experience immediately following the purchase.


We assumed it would take a day or two to set the stone. Instead, we were immediately escorted by the store manager to the jewellery factory after making our purchase. We watched every step of the process, from removing the stone from the package, to setting the stone, to plating and polishing.


We had the ring appraised when we got home, and it appraised for more than twice what we paid.


It sounds like you're looking for a more professional opinion about shopping in Dubai, but I thought I'd offer my experience as a consumer.

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