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Colorless1.21Ct G/si2 Emerald Cut Gia Baguette Side Stone Ring Or Ideal-Cut, H/vs2 Round, 1.00-Carat Diamond Ring Gia?


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Hello everyone!


I have shortlisted two rings after much research and debate with myself.


- One is an Emerald Cut - Colorless1.21ct G/SI2 Baguette Side Stone, depth of 68.2%, table of 62%, polish and symmetry both very good and no fluorescence. It has a GIA certificate, and it's on the 'Diamonds by Lauren' website. This ring is listed at $6,300.


- The second is a Round Brilliant diamond (without the setting). It is an Ideal-cut, H/VS2, 1.00-carat. It has cut grade, polish and symmetry listed as Excellent. Fluorescence is medium blue, depth 62.4 %, table 55% and girdle thin to medium. It is on Blue Nile, and also comes with a GIA certificate. The diamond alone is listed at $6,367.


I understand the two diamonds are principally different, regarding their shapes. Also, one is set in a ring and the other needs a ring separately. Having considered both these points, which ring is a better value for the price listed?


Thank you and best regards!post-131141-0-48985700-1345930793_thumb.jpg

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Price is not the issue here. First and foremost, get what you want. You're talking about quite a bit of money. Both seem like decent 'value' in that they are priced well for the market although bear in mind that if the ring you want is something with the baguette sides, the BN piece is going to require a moderately expensive add-on. If it's NOT what you want, the emerald cut comes with a costly part that you're not using. A good price on the wrong thing is no bargain.

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Thank you for your response. I had initially set out for a solitaire with a plain band (Tiffany style setting) and the plan was to add an enhancer later on, but got a bit sidetracked. When I saw the Emerald cut diamond with the side baguettes, I must admit, I got greedy. If I go for the round diamond eventually, it will be in a plain band setting.


Considering the Emerald Cut diamond alone (without the baguettes), with its specifications, which one would you suggest - round or emerald cut?


This is my first diamond ring!

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The same response applies - perhaps more so considering that the first thing people see in a ring with a centre stone IS the centre stone. A rectangular step cut and a round brilliant will look very different; I (and my wife) prefer diamonds which are step cut, but rounds are by far the more popular choice.


I don't think it would be fair of me to comment on the DBL ring's value - I will just say that I have seen the centre stone before it was set in the ring, and it is wonderful.

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