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Legitimate Certifications


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I posted on here earlier about a necklace I had looked at buying, I passed on it. The certificates with it were from Gemological Laboratory of India. A few people posted saying that the certs were probably bogus and may have issues. I have a connection to get into some black diamonds that are certified through GLI. I am not looking to open up my own business, just to potentially buy some diamonds to make into a few pieces for my girlfriend. So my question is should I trust the certs? The gentleman with the diamonds says it's a legit certificate, but a few people in here said to steer clear. Should I have a local jeweler look at them and get their opinion? It's a good deal that I don't want to walk away from out of stupidity or lack of knowledge. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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A 'certificate' on a treated black dimaond is usually not very helpful. Bear in mind that anyone who wants to can open up a gem lab, they can call their documents certificates and they can say pretty much whatever they want. It's up to the lab to convince you that you should care.


Black diamonds aren't usually very expensive and the cost of lab fees from a credible lab can be substantial in comparison. Is it worth getting a report from a lab that isn't credible because they're cheaper? I would say no but it depends on your objectives.

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