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1.03 Ct Vs2 Blue Diamond


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I recently purchased a loose 1.03CT, VS2 Clairty, Excellent Cut, Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond. Can you tell me what, in your opinion, the retail price of it might be?


Table Width: 66.0%

Total Depth: 58.7%

Crown: 12.0%

Pavillion: 43.0%

Gridle: 4%

Measurements: 6.55 x 6.57 x 3.85 mm

Finish, Polish, Symmetry: Excellent

Gridle: Medium

Cutlet: Small

Fluorescence: Medium




I then had it mounted in an 18K white gold halo semi mount with SI1, 0.48CTW diamond ring. Please don't include the value of the ring in your price.

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I assume since you talk of "excellent cut" the diamond has not been graded by GIA (since GIA do not grade fancy colours for cut). I further assume that since it does not have a GIA report, the diamond has been treated (irradiated) or is synthetic.


For a treated stone, you are looking at $3-6000 depending on how nice a cut, clarity and colour it really is; for a synthetic a little more.


Edit: increased range for treated stone - eBay strikes again!

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