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Diamond Price Opinion


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I'm not sure if I have enough info (probably not) to give, that would allow an accurate enough opinion but I figured I would try.


I'm looking at the following diamond. This all that I can remember. This is from a non-chain local jeweler.


EGL cert- I assume NYC as I saw that on the cert.


1.05 ct

H color

VG cut


6.62mm (only dimensions I remember)

no flourescents

price $7,500


I have been looking online at various places to see if the price is fair and it seems high to me.


Of course I don't really know as I cant match EXACT specifics other than what I outlined about, but I feel like I have the important stuff as a comparisons.


I do plan on visiting some other places to compare as well.


Thoughts? Did I just ask the question that this board cringes about. If so, sorry before hand.




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Well, you have a significant issue in the EGL grade. Meaning that it's unlikely to be what GIA would call H/SI1/VG, but we don't know if what the dealer is escaping from is J colour, I1 clarity or a Good/Fair cut grade... or all three together!


If you use the Diamond Finder to get hold of comparable prices, you'll see that EGL graded stones go from $8k+ to below $2500 (majority of the stones are $5k or below), which is a very broad range, not least because even a fairly graded SI can have visible inclusions and that will cause the price to vary by significant amounts. So, where is yours? It does sound like it's priced at the top of the range, but without seeing it, no-one can be sure.

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Thanks guys.


I guess I should continue looking.


Is it fair to say a local jeweler will not be able to come close to prices I see online? (obviously if I am looking at the same grade stones, apples to apples) I could understand a few hundred, but so far the prices look about $1000+ more from a local jeweler than a lot of the internet prices. Of course I cant see the internet diamonds where as a local jeweler I can. But it seems I have to pay $1000+ for the viewing.


Additionally the bands themselves seem to be about $1000 more at brick and mortar vs online. At least the band I chose looks that way. Although it is custom but it's a very simple design. The only difference from the in stock item is I asked that the setting be slightly different. I found almost the same band online at various places for about $1000 less.


I understand the benefit of brick and mortar and understand they have a tough time competeing with online stores, but when i see that much of a difference I feel it's a bit of a large gap. But like I said SEEING what you get offers a real benefit.



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Local jewelers and the online jewelers are mostly getting goods from the same sources and they can match prices if they want. As is pointed out above, EGL grading tends to be all over the map so simply pointing out that a stone has a similar EGL description doesn't really mean it's 'comparable'. That said, sometimes they can get the exact same stone. It's hard to get more comparable than that.


I agree, it's worth more if it comes from a local store. How much more is up to you. $1000 for the diamond and another $1000 for the setting seems high but I'll bet it's negotiable. Show them your research and ask. The worst they can say is no.


Merely advertising online does NOT make a merchant a good deal by the way. They too can charge whatever they want and it's good to hold their feet to the fire too. You are not doing business with the Internet any more than you're doing business with the mall. You're doing business with a particular merchant who advertises online, who rents a particular space or whatever. Each dealer and each deal need to stand on their own merits.

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