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Necklace Pricing


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I am looking at buying a necklace for my girlfriend for our one year anniversary and stumbled across this necklace, which looks beautiful, but I don't know much about diamonds. It is three black diamonds; 2.43ct, 3.61ct and 4.78ct are the weights of each. They are set in Sterling silver with some cheap chain. The gentleman that I am talking with has said to make an offer and we will go from there. What is everyone's opinion on the value of this? I want to figure top price, then negotiate with him. Any ideas help, thanks alot.







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I would put ZERO confidence in those lab docs. It's an unknown lab in India (unless YOU are in India as well and you both know and trust them).


Offer him $200 and see where that goes. Setting his prices is HIS job, not yours. I was tempted to tell you to take a hike just becasue of the way he's doing business but if you love the piece and you think she will love it, I suppose it doesn't hurt to let him make an offer.


Ebay is pretty full of black diamonds recently if you want to look up what they cost out there in the 'real' world. As far as I can tell, that's the biggest marketplace at the moment. They're usually not very expensive. Don't be confused by the word 'diamond'.

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