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Diamond In Wrong Setting


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When we bought my engagement ring 11 years ago they put a princess cut in a round setting. I am planning to upgrade my diamond now and there is a chip in the diamond. Could the wrong setting have caused this? Could it happen again? I am not getting full price back for my diamond and I am wondering if their error caused this. Thank you.

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It's extremely unusual to get 'full price' on a resale diamond anyway but I guess it depends on what you mean by that. That siad, If you've got insurance on the piece this is probably a covered loss and even if you don't, it might be covered under your homeowners. Look into it before you sell the stone, especially if you're going to be taking an even bigger haircut because of the damage.


This sort of thing is one of the reasons to get things inspected and appraised immediately upon receipt. If the chip were discovered 11 days rather than 11 years after delivery it would be much easier to assign responsibility for when and how it occured.

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