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About To Pull The Trigger On This Diamond, Final Advice?


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The inclusions shown on the diagram are pretty long so I'm kind of concerned about that but from what Bluenile is telling me, twinning wisps are usually long inclusions but very invisible like a feather. The last thing I want is a long line down my diamond. Without ideal scopes and an actual image, it's hard to decide but the specs of the stone and price is right on to what I'm looking for. Sigh touch decision.

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FWIW - the "amount" of stuff on a plot bears no relationship whatsoever with its visibility. A small diopside or garnet crystal will be a lot more visible than a huge cloud or a clean twinning wisp.


Here's a good library of inclusion images - largely courtesy of AGSL, but I cannot find the same library on their site... http://www.allaboutgemstones.com/diamond_inclusion_library.html

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Seriously, the price of that diamond compared to over a year ago...I am so happy to see that people are getting some good prices at the moment. It is a 1.25 carat right? To get a thumbs up from such an experienced appraiser as Neil on the inclusions, it sounds ah-mazing. Looks like you have a fantastic diamond on your hands - you have to post back once you see it and give feedback!

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