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My Purchase Experience......


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Time frame = 3 months

Education = http://www.gia.edu/diamondcut/08_tools_for_the_trade.html

Price search engine = local stores, diamondse.info, pricescope.com, diamondpriceguru.com

Diamond Specs = Round, 1.25 CT, F, VS1, No Flr, Triple X, GIA

Final Diamond = Round, 1.25 CT, E, VS2, No Flr, Triple X, GIA

Purchased from = Tang's Diamonds in Philadelphia (215-922-8264, no website, local to me). Friendly, very knowledgeable, good customer servcie, willing to price match and no hassle

2nd retailer I really liked = Adore Bijoux in Plano, Tx (972-781-1300). The reason I didn't buy from this retailer is becuase it is in Texas. I can get the same diamond at a cheaper price but I perferred a local store. Same as above - Friendly, very knowledgeable, good customer servcie, willing to price match and no hassle.



If you're an average Joe like me, get educated first. Learn as much about diamond as possible then repeat this process again, again and again. No two diamonds are the same, especially measurements, table % and depth %. Know exactly what you’re looking for and be educated about it. This is important becase (1) you’re preceded as someone who knows what you’re talking about, (2) the seller can’t bullshit you. Also be flexible and stay within your budget (very important). If you're not comfortable about a retailer (online or local), walk and never use it as comparsion again.


I really liked enchanteddiamonds.com but I don't feel comfortable buying from them. Almost all online retailers are listed with BBB, except enchanteddiamonds.com. I can't find much information about the company either. I'm not saying enchanteddiamonds.com is not a legit online retailer. I’m just not comfortable buying from them.


I highly recommend Tang’s Diamonds if you’re within driving distance of Philadelphia. I also highly recommend Adore Bijoux if you’re within driving distance of Plano. Like I said above, both are well educated about their products and services, good customer service, willing to price match and no hassle. Again, be educated about the diamond you want and these local two retailers will make your search much easier.


Let me know if I can answer any question.

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