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Opinions On This Diamond - Good Quality?


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Hi, my name is Lola, I am looking at a diamond which is:


Shape: Princess

Carat: 1.05

Colour: E

Clarity: SI1

Depth: 73.5

Table: 70.00

Table width: 70%

Crown height: 10%

Pavillion depth: 62%

Dimensions: 5.61x5.58x4.10

Girdle: Thin

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Diamond Cut: Excellent


The diamond is 'eye clean' and is certified by the European Gemological Laboratory. I know about the 4 c's and am happy with them, but am unsure about depth, table, girdle and cutlet.


As 'experts', would you reccomend purchasing this diamond? Do you see anything 'wrong' with it when looking over the information above?

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There is nothing wrong with a thin girdle or no culet. Table and depth are within the norm for "average-to-well cut" princess cut diamonds, but by themselves they are totally insufficient to determine if it is a well cut diamond. The EGL report means you know very little about the colour and clarity, other that they are unlikely to be E/SI1. Unless you can inspect and ideally have your chosen expert inspect the diamond and provide you with an unbiased opinion as to its colour, clarity and cut quality, I'd pass.

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Hi A-List Jeweler,


I don't understand your comment "The EGL report means you know very little about the colour and clarity, other that they are unlikely to be E/SI1." The diamond is unlikely to be E/SI1 when the report states it is...Would you mind explaining what exactly you mean?

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What I mean is that not all labs have equal reliability and consistency in the grade they award. To begin with, EGL is a fairly loose federation of labs, covering different countries and using different standards - EGL Israel grades are different from EGL-USA grades from the start. Secondly, no EGL lab is particularly consistent or reliable in the grade they issue, and in some cases can be off by 6,7 or even 10 grades compared to the industry standard of GIA/AGS. I heartily recommend that you search and read a few threads on the topic (on this forum or others).


BTW: my name is Davide - "A-List Jeweler" is my membership group on this board (like yours is "Member").

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