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Opinion On A Blue Stone/thanks!


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*What is the stone? Just a blue faceted stone (about 14mm/diameter) and I have no idea about its identity.

*What magnification? Regular image taken by a high quality camera.

*What lighting? Indoors, near a window, during daylight.

*Is the pattern sitting on the outside of the facet or inside the stone? The pattern is inside the stone crossing the facet junction. i have more pictures.


Can you identity the stone? It emits both fluorescence and phosphorescence.

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I cannot identify the stone with any certainty without seeing it. The pattern might be growth zones in a synthetic spinel or sapphire, but it could also be a lot of other things (e.g. cracks/expansion from heating treatment). Take it to a local jeweller or (ideally) gemologist for identification, and they should be able to tell you at least what the stone is, and be able to comment better on the specific inclusion.

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A jeweler told me a year ago that it is a diamond with natural inclusions. I do not believe it's a diamond since diamonds aren't phosphorescent. It is a beautiful stone on a platinum ring. Also, it has a red mineral inside of it, that is why I do not believe it is synthetic. Thank you so much for your responses!

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Actually, diamonds can phosphoresce, and particularly blue diamonds are notorious for red phosphorescence. However, a 14mm natural intense blue could be several millions...


At the very least, ID from diamond/not diamond should be pretty straightforward - take it to a jeweller, and get at least that doubt out of the way... (be aware that electrical conductivity-based diamond testers can fail on some types of blue diamonds, since the diamond effectively becomes a conductor rather than an insulator)

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