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I am looking for a rock for my gf. Her finger is about 4.

I notice there are a lot of 2 ct RBs. Is it a big difference going 0.2-0.3 carats bigger?


I ask because 2.2-2.3 carats are less common. There are a lot more 2-2.1 carats but not so many 2.3-2.4 carats, The price difference is about $5-7k ($25k for 2 ct but $30-32k for 2.3-2.4 ct) Is 0.2 carats noticeably bigger than a 2 carat??

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On a size 4 finger, even a full 2 carat may be overmuch, but each to his own taste.


As to whether the difference would be noticeable, it depends:


1. 2.00 vs. 2.40 is one thing; 2.10 vs 2.20 is another. In general 10% of weight difference is ~6% difference on the diameter (assuming equal cut), which is visible with the two stones loose and next to each other, but it is not memorable (i.e. seeing the stones one at a time)


2. Setting: a 2.00 in a halo may well look larger than a 2.40 in a bezel setting


3. Individual stones proportions. A 2.00 that just about scrapes into 2.00 thanks to a thick girdle (and therefore faces up small) will look significantly smaller than a 2.20. A spready 2.00 may well be larger than some 2.20s...


The price difference - as long as you stay above 2.00 and below 2.50 - should be fairly linear with weight (assuming everything else is the same).

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Once you go above 2.5, the price increases dramtically.


When you say "spready", are you saying a 2 ct with a 57-60 % table will look bigger than a 2.4 ct with a 53-56 table %?


Ive learned that it is optimal to stay within 54-57% table for best color return.

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