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New Buyer Engagement Ring, .75C Round With Pave Cut Setting


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Hello i am looking to purchase an engagement ring in the next few weeks.

I've done quite a bit of research and feel like i am fairly confident on what i would like to purchase.


my budget is around $2,500-2,800

Round cut

.70-.75 carat


G-H color


and i believe the cut is the most important so i am looking for very good-ideal in this department (i'm aware this grade varies depending on who you are dealing with)


i plan on driving down to the diamond district in about 2 weeks, i feel like i've read just about everything there is to read about shopping there, including a few threads here. some have been great and some not so much.


my question is, is it reasonable to try and find the diamond i described, with a GIA certification within my budget?


i would ideally like to buy the ring and setting together if possible for under $3000, ive attached a picture for reference of the style.


and lastly from reading some previous posts on this forum, i've learned that its not always a great idea to deal with the storefronts on street level while on 47th street and it would be in my best interest to make an appointment to speak with a more reputable dealer. would anyone be able to recommend a specific company to try and do business with and if not how would i go about finding one?


sorry this is so long winded, thanks for your time


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I think you need to revisit your budget or your constraints on the stone and setting.


A setting like the one you want is going to be about $1000 even at the budget end of the market (14k gold and acceptable but not great workmanship), which leaves you with about $2000 for the centre stone, and that is tight (by about another $1000 or so) if you want to stick to H/VS2. Otherwise, you can go down to J/SI2, or stay below 0.70 ct which is an important threshold in terms of price/carat.

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The NYC diamond district is an interesting field trip but don't buy the hype that it will somehow get you a better 'deal' there. It just ain't so. There's a lot of jewelers there, and some are definitely better than others but it's not their address that makes the good ones good and FedEx offers a fine service to anywhere in the country for a few dollars. If the supposed savings is more than a few dozen dollars, which is usually more than offset by the NYC sales tax rate, you will actually save money by shopping at home.


You will definitely do better there if you choose in advance who you want to shop with and set an apointment.

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Thank You for your time on this davidelevi, am i right to assume that a stone that is J/SI2 is going to have a noticeable color and visible inclusions to the naked eye?


if so i feel like i would have to change my thoughts on the setting. Would you recommend either of these settings, or do you feel like they will not be the best workmanship?






Neil thank you for that information, i have a friend who works in that area, ill see if i can find a reputable place and set up an appointment. if i do not find what i am looking for perhaps a website like james allen will be my best bet.

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No, not necessarily. A truly well cut J will look white when seen from above, but it will show some tint through the side and it will veer to more yellow in yellow lighting (e.g. candle light) or where there is yellow to reflect from the environment. Here is an exceptionally well cut K, which is reasonably close to J, and you can see how it changes personality with the light and background. Bear in mind that colour in a 1.70 ct will be significantly more visible than in a smaller stone. http://www.diamondsbylauren.com/index.php/jewelry/crafted-by-infinity-round-brilliant-diamond-170ct-kvvs1-ideal-cut-agsl-r4437


Same for SI2. There are many which have no visible inclusions to the naked eye. The trade-off for a lower price is that you need to find them. Here is an SI2 where the only inclusion (a diamond crystal) is relatively easy to spot in the magnified photograph, but if you set them in a 1:1 scale it will completely disappear to the naked eye: (incidentally, it's a 0.70 ct K, so not a bad "example" for what you may get, but a J will be whiter)



I don't mean to be disrespectful to my colleague jewellers, but I think you'd be better off going for a different design with the setting and give up the idea of pavé. Bear in mind that the majority of the cost of a good pavé setting is not the material: it's the work. You are looking at about $150 of gold (18K) and $250 of diamonds (0.25 ctw) regardless of who works it. There is a reason why those you have linked above cost $500, and others with fundamentally the same design and materials cost $3000 - some is margin, but the superior workmanship for example in this Mark Morrell setting should be apparent: http://www.mwmjewelry.com/FancyTorchiere_2ct_sz5.5_/index.html

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Neil thank you for that information, i have a friend who works in that area, ill see if i can find a reputable place and set up an appointment. if i do not find what i am looking for perhaps a website like james allen will be my best bet.

I think James Allen has an office in that neighborhood. I"m not sure if they have facilities to meet with clients and show them things but you might ask. In any case, best of luck with it.

Let us know what you end up with

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A quick note about "shopping at home": keep in mind that, if you purchase a diamond online and decide to return it, most companies will make you pay for return shipping, and shipping diamonds back and forth is generally not cheap. So if you are on such a tight budget, I would suggest finding a reputable jeweler. A local jeweler should be able to show you some eye clean SI1/SI2 diamonds, as well as VS1 and VS2.

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